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We understand how important training is and how difficult it is to conduct effectively. We’ve got you covered; our spaces are equipped with everything you’ll need to conduct a training without having to worry about the setup or dismantling of equipment and arrangement of furniture. Projectors and whiteboards are made available along with WiFi at an air-conditioned space. Everything is sorted so you can concentrate on the actual matter of the training.


Classroom Seating

In this seating style, everyone faces forward. The focal point of attention is the trainer and the content on the display (LCD/LED TV/projector screen ) or the whiteboard.

Works best when absorption of material is the most important goal of the training. This may include blue collar job orientation, training for enterprise software tool, demonstrations of professional work and the like.

Boardroom Seating

In this arrangement, everyone sits around a table making discussions and dialogue comfortable and convenient. A screen/whiteboard could be a secondary focal point of attention.

Works best for  team building exercises, soft-skills coaching, think tanks, corporate training, and all which require collaboration and conversation.

Professional Spaces, for Corporates

Our spaces are professional and perfectly suited for work, complete with comfortable office furniture, stocked pantries, clean lavatories, and high speed internet – everything corporate trainees and trainers would expect.

We have hosted intercontinental video conferences where the training happens simultaneously across time zones. The trainer’s image and voice is beamed over the wire and projected in a training room in India. We’re equipped with the bandwidth to make that happen.

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