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Target: On-the-go

The savvy working professional is always on his smartphone, and now expects that he’ll get what (s)he wants on-demand. While you focus on your (primary) business, BreathingRoom’s mobile-only platform is focused on getting these professionals to do what they need to do: work or have meetings. We think that BreathingRooms are a superior alternative to the noisy social hangouts that expensive coffee shops have now become.

Since your space can be booked via BreathingRoom only upto 2 days before, if you need it for yourself, mark it on BreathingRoom’s calendar and its off the network. We are trying to reduce the cognitive overload on the working professional & keep the booking process super-quick (they’re not shopping for a 5-star vacation), so pricing is uniform across a region. Rest assured, we’ll be competitive within the region that you’re in. (We’re incentivized to do so too.)

While we primarily work with fully functioning offices only, if you have an office that you’re looking to rent out only for a long-term lease, please make a note of that below.

Simple tools: Available Always

Stay 100% in control, 100% of the time with the simplest workspace management tools. You have complete flexibility, down to the hour, of when your space is available.

Most of our BreathingRooms use these tools for their internal office management too.


It is absolutely free to list your space on BreathingRoom. All we need is for your space to be a functioning workspace, and the professional who’s booking should be able to get a professional space, wi-fi & privacy.

We’re keeping it simple. Simply fill out the following form. Tell us about your workspace and why you think this makes for a great BreathingRoom – that’s it!