People Trust at a BreathingRoom

The People Trust team used a BreathingRoom early this January for a meeting. We invited Ratan Postwalla – Partner and Co-founder at People Trust – for a chat and to get some feedback about their experience.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself — your professional & educational experience?

I’ve worked for EXL Service and KPMG, in India and overseas. I now head People Trust’s Recruitment practice; and am additionally involved in designing, developing and managing bespoke Learning and HR Advisory solutions. Even before People Trust, I had designed, developed and implemented a number of employee engagement and talent management initiatives. I hold a Bachelor’s in Commerce from St Xavier’s College, Kolkata, and an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Can you tell me a little bit about People Trust?

People Trust is a Consultancy providing Recruitment, Learning and HR Advisory solutions. Our extensive hands-on experience in the finance domain enables us to cater to both organisations and individuals in related industries, including financial consulting, F&A shared services, audit, analytics, banking and corporate finance.

What are the 3 most important pieces of advice you’d give your clients?

I think the top three most important things to remember are: firstly, don’t just assess a candidate’s technical competencies. Make an objective assessment of their soft skills, most importantly how they’d fit in to their future work environment. Technical skills can be attained rapidly. Personality development takes much longer.
I once read a report that said that 80% of employees leave their jobs due to issues with their immediate supervisor. So bosses need soft skill training too!

Second, you must help your in-house recruitment team to truly understand what you do. Job descriptions are often unclear, misleading and filled with jargon. Make sure they know and understand what they’ll be talking about to candidates.

And third, don’t just use financial incentives (or disincentives) to recruit and retain employees. A happy and mentally stimulating workplace is the greatest incentive to stay.

What was your opinion of the Breathing Room?

For a start-up like ours, BreathingRoom provides us with the infrastructure and the flexibility that we need. The app is extremely user friendly, the Breathing Room was easy to find, and the facilities are great!
We’re definitely going to keep the app handy for future meetings.

If you have any non-traditional work environment tips — either for remote working or work-from-home — we would love to share that with our readers.

While I understand that start-ups may not wish to invest in physical infrastructure, in order to keep initial costs down, there is no substitute for face-to-face contact. That’s where entrepreneurial eco-spaces & what you’ll are doing at BreathingRoom come into play. Working from home is fine, but it’s great for team spirit and collaborative thinking to meet once or twice a week and get some quality work done together.

More about People Trust at and follow @ratanpostwalla on twitter!

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