A Peaceful Meeting Room

Koregaon Park, Pune


This BreathingRoom is a premium business meeting place and a up-class healing center at the same time. The peaceful setting is both soothing and calming to help easing all your stress from work.

Walk down the charming streets of KP when you feel you’re having a bad day, grab a coffee or a beer and get back with some renewed enthusiasm and freshly brewed ideas. Known to be the cosmopolitan cultural confluence of Pune, Koregaon Park has become the most sought after location for office space owners. Located amid a wide array of eat-outs and cafes, is what makes This BreathingRoom in Koregaon Park a suitable place for all of you who believe that work is party and in the philosophy of the more the merrier.

Parking is subject to availability; please check with the facility manager after booking to reserve a spot if needed.
Please note: To maintain the vibe, this BreathingRoom requests visitors to check in their shoes at the entrance and eatables and beverages can be consumed outside the meeting rooms
Food- This facility can arrange food on prior notice at addition cost. You can also walk down the street and explore near by restaurants.

Landmark: Opposite lane 6, North Main road, Adjacent to Celio showroom

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