An large event space

JM Road, Pune


This space is sure to fill your training and sessions with a positive vibe. This wellness studio is great for having your creative meetings and brainstorming sessions.

This State of the Art Facility is fully equipped to enhance a guest's experience and motivate your well being.

Please note: Projector (available on request with 4 hours of notice). Please let the facility know after you have made the reservation

Landmark: On JM Road near Pashankar Auto
Please note: To maintain the vibe, this BreathingRoom requests visitors to check in their shoes at the entrance and eatables and beverages can be consumed outside the Training Room

For 30 people, this BreathingRoom is priced at Rs. 799/hr. Click here to reserve the 30-seater.
Note The office boy will not be available at the facility after 8 Pm. Tea/coffee will not be served after 8 PM

Training Room

Class Room


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