An Efficient Meeting Room

JM Road, Pune

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A newly established thinkspace dedicated to stimulate your creativity and inspiration. This BreathingRoom is located very close to central Pune with easy access to either end of the city.

A mere 5 minutes walk from FC Road where food and restaurants are abundant, you don't need to worry about feeding both your physical and intellectual hunger for working here

10Mbps+ Internet speeds here on a leased line make this an attractive option when a high speed reliable internet is a must (Interviews, video calls, large team brainstorming)
Landmark: Off Shirole road, Near JM Road.

Please Note: On Thursdays, due to load-shedding, the air conditioner may be turned off from noon - 3 pm. The fans, lights, and all power outlets will continue to function.

Parking: Only 2 Wheeler Parking is available.
Printing: B&W Printing
Late Nights: This place is available 24 x 7 however, please note during those hours office boy support will not be available.

Meeting Room

Interview Room


Included Amenities