A Multipurpose Conference Room

JM Road, Pune

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A newly established thinkspace dedicated to stimulate your creativity and inspiration. This BreathingRoom is located very close to central Pune with easy access to either end of the city.

A mere 5 minutes walk from FC Road where food and restaurants are abundant, you don't need to worry about feeding both your physical and intellectual hunger for working here

This room can be setup as a regular long desk Conference Room, or transformed into multi-desk based discussion groups

10Mbps+ Internet speeds here on a leased line make this an attractive option when a high speed reliable internet is a must (Interviews, video calls, large team brainstorming)

Landmark: Near Sai Palace Hotel, Off Shirole road, JM Road.

Please Note: On Thursdays, due to load-shedding, the air conditioner may be turned off from noon - 3 pm. The fans, lights, and all power outlets will continue to function.

Food-Lunch can be arranged at this facility at ₹ 140/ Veg Meal or you can order in favorite food. Please contact Breathingroom support for more details.
Projector: With prior notification, a projector can be arranged at ₹800/day
Parking: Only 2 Wheeler Parking is available. For car parking street parking is available however that is subjected to availability.
Printing: B&W Printing
Late Nights: This place is available 24 x 7 however, please note during those hours office boy support will not be available.

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Conference Room


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