Impressive corporate training room in BKC

BKC Annexe/Kurla, Mumbai


Big splendorous and impressive Class Room with 60 Persons Capacity, Inspiring workplace with eminent seating arrangement with contemporary Display/Screens visible from almost dimensions, Gorgeous and comfortable lavatory for washing and toilet facility and much more. This BreathingRoom is a dynamic place to conduct the training with the cutting edge amenities making the experience of trainee and the trainer cheerful
Landmark: Kanakia Zillion Building

Tea/Coffee: is chargeable at Rs 10/cup

Note: This facility also has a cabin that can be booked at 299/Hr which is perfect for interviews. Click here to know more..

This space has 30 computer systems available at rs. 500/unit/day and has a state of the art PA system available for rs. 2000/Day.

Please note this facility is not available on weekends.

Training Room

Interview Room

Class Room


Included Amenities

Paid Amenities