Training room for 30 on MG Road

MG Road, Bangalore

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This facility housed in the iconic utility building, is a Marquee location on MG Road. Well equipped with all the amenities for your session; be it training or seminar or just a large meeting. This will be a perfect location to engage your clientele well.
Landmark: Regus MG Road

Food options:
Tea/Coffee: ₹ 10/serving
The facility usually organizes from a nearby restaurant where:

South Indian Breakfast Combo/North Indian/South Indian Lunch Meal
₹ 175/person/serving.

Or, don't be restricted by these options. Order in whatever you love. The shared pantry is available to be used for eating.

Please note there is an additional admin service charge of ₹250/Half day and ₹500/Full day on Saturdays.
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