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Koramangala, Bangalore


This BreathingRoom is located inside an entrepreneurship engine at Bengaluru. It is a well designed space with modernized facilities and equipment. LED TV for your presentation, plenty of seats (cluster seating, circular seating, classroom seating), spacious environment with lots of lights.
Lunch buffet available at 60/person.

Seats: up to 150 depending on the seating arrangement.

Please note that this BreathingRoom prides itself on being setup as self-service. If you have any requests for something not noted in the amenities for this listing, please contact the BreathingRoom support team. Lunch options, if needed, are shared in your reservation confirmation. The venue cannot be cordoned off as this area also doubles up as a cafeteria for the people working here.

Conference Room

Training Room

Open Area

Class Room

Open Weekends

07:00 AM
11:30 PM