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Koramangala, Bangalore


This BreathingRoom is located inside an entrepreneurship engine at Bengaluru. It is a well designed space with modernized facilities and equipment. LED TV for your presentation, plenty of seats (cluster seating, circular seating, classroom seating ), spacious environment with lots of lights.

Seats: up to 150 depending on the seating arrangement.

Landmark: Near Forum Mall

Paid Parking is available at the facility

Please note that this BreathingRoom prides itself on being setup as self-service. If you have any requests for something not noted in the amenities for this listing, please contact the BreathingRoom support team.
Lunch options: Buffet at ~ ₹ 60-80 in the cafetaria. Or don't be restricted by options and feel free to order in
Please note: The venue cannot be cordoned off as this area also doubles up as a cafeteria for the people working here. You get cordoned off area only on Sundays.

Conference Room

Training Room

Open Area

Class Room

Open Weekends

07:00 AM
11:30 PM