How the world’s oldest photography company is still winning relevance in the world

The Kodak case study has been a classic business school case, as one learns about the rise or a behemoth and how they have learnt & adapted in the face of disruptive technological innovation.  The BreathingRoom team got a chance to catch up with Mr. Tanuj Alagh of Kodak team and had a chat about their experience, challenges and insights about the industry. As photography buffs ourselves, we are excited to learn about the inside of the film & digital imaging industry.   

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your overall personal & professional experience so far?

I am kind of a old horse in this industry, I have worked overall 17 years in sales & marketing management in Northern region as well as in Madhya Pradesh.

That is great! And how long have you been with Kodak?

I’ve spent 8 years in Kodak & it’s going on… I head Sales in Central and Northern India for Kodak.

Tell us something more about Kodak India?

Kodak is the world’s most popular photography company. People know Kodak as a Camera & film ‘roll’ manufacturers all over the world. Since the decline in film photography, we closed down the roll manufacturing plant in 2009-2010. Now Kodak is in 2 divisions- Consumer division & Print system division.

The consumer division for all the public and all the commodity business. But our division is print system business division that relates to mainly print industry & packaging industry.

Our work purely deals with printing & packaging industry; We Provide publication for newspapers, printing solution for press, printing for newspapers and printing houses. We also provide machinery & software solutions.

Interesting. We were curious about how the changing trends has affected the world’s largest Camera and roll manufacture company.

Diversification! Kodak is an extremely innovative company. We have a legacy of great R&D and evolving continuously. Since the business was moving away from films, the company focused on Printing. As a result, Kodak has forayed into B2B market.

How are your operations in India?

We used to have common office in Delhi for Consumer Film business and the Industrial Printing business. But after diversification, the Consumer film division was taken over by Kodak LRA, and they separated from Kodak. Since our business is supplying in the industry, we don’t have offices, instead, we have large warehouses. That’s where the meeting rooms that BreathingRoom offers comes in.

That’s a perfect segue to patting ourselves on the back. How does BreathingRoom help Kodak in India?

After our print division decided that they will reduce regional/local offices and focus more on the warehouses, we started working out of our warehouses and channel partner offices. But sometimes for your team meetings, you need to get out of there. You can’t do channel partner strategies in their office.

Our team is of salespeople and service engineers who work on the field and out of home offices. We need to meet once a month to recollect the team.

BreathingRoom helps by providing low cost options for the meeting room requirement and for a sales team, it can be a boon. I searched on the internet for options and then came across BreathingRoom. Earlier, we used to have our meetings in restaurants/cafes like CCD or our channel partner offices.

That’s is exciting! We love partnering with you as you’ll grow across the country. To  to wrap this up I would love to ask you in terms of how would you probably give us suggestions to let’s say an area sales manager or what would be your professional suggestion for somebody in sales. I’d love to get a quote from you like that…

Generally, I give my all sales manager. “Do your best with honesty, Results will automatically come”

More about Kodak India, their sales teams, and their Indian business model here. Over 30 sales teams across different divisions of Kodak India regularly conduct their sales meetings, share updates and best practices of sales, new product trainings and marketing strategies at BreathingRooms.

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