How Can A Small Business Attract Big Talent?

Are you a small company who wants people that are normally above your pay scale? Do you want to grow with talented and experienced individuals by your side? You’re here because you want to know how to attract big talent, don’t you? Well, if you’re a small business, quality talent recruitment will be an issue.

For starters, you probably don’t have a big name and you don’t have a large budget. Even your office might not be that impressive but that doesn’t mean that you can’t alter yourself and your company to begin attracting big talents It’s always going to be about what you can offer to them that a more established organisation cannot.

We’re going to let you in on a few techniques that could get you better people to take along with you on your journey.

1. Offer them a bigger purpose.

Often, good talent will be stagnating in big companies. They tend to join with the idea that their big talent will coalesce into big results and big differences. This isn’t always going to happen and they will appreciate working for a smaller firm that allows them to make a bigger difference. When communicating to them, emphasize that they are going to be the ones who will make the biggest splash and surprise everyone with their skill. The next talented person you get might surprise you as well as everyone else in the bargain.

2. Flexibility with adherence to deadlines.

When it comes to work, some businesses get so caught up in maintaining policies and discipline that they lose sight of what’s most important, that employees are human rather than pieces of clockwork. People have unexpected developments that could cause them to come in late or leave early but they shouldn’t be penalised for it especially if their work doesn’t get affected. Good talent knows how to be responsible and manage their time effectively to deliver what’s needed. Offering them a chance to work to a schedule that allows them to balance their life effectively will go a long way in retaining your talented employee.

3. Show them what’s at stake and offer them a share.

As a small company, your company might not have a lot to offer in terms of money or a fancy working environment but it can offer them a share which will be worth something significant in the future. Take the example of Charlie Ayers, the executive chef at Google who was paid in shares when Google couldn’t pay him his full worth. When Google became significant and ubiquitous, his shares ended up being worth $26 million and with it, he opened his own restaurant.

4. Create a unique job posting that reflects your company.

Experienced individuals have seen it all and done more than you currently imagine so you won’t get anywhere by creating a mediocre job posting. All that will do is communicate to them that you are a boring company who wants boring people to do boring work. However, spending time and effort with your team to decide upon what will appeal to the kind of big talent you want to attract will make all the difference. There are a few vital elements you need to keep in your posting to communicate effectively.

5. Use a helping hand.

Sit down and do a long-term cost-benefit analysis for your company, you will most probably find that it’s fiscally wiser to pay people who are already in contact with the people you need while you concentrate on building your business. Especially when it comes to hiring creative people for your company, most HR agencies are simply unable to understand what you need.

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