What is on tap?
All BreathingRooms have fast & reliable Wi-fi, tea/coffee, and whiteboards. Other amenities available are listed with each workspace.
If you need some of the office essentials, most BreathingRooms will be able to help.
What happens if I stay over the time I had reserved?
If the BreathingRoom doesn’t have someone waiting to use it after you, just inform them.
The space owner is responsible for letting us know after you leave, so you don’t need to worry about it. We’ll charge your card on file the regular hourly rate, pro-rated.
Pro-tip: Reserve a BreathingRoom for 1/2 hour more than your scheduled meeting. That way, if your meeting runs over, you’re covered.
What if I’m not happy?

If on arriving at your BreathingRoom or during your use of the BreathingRoom, if things aren’t as expected, ping us and we’ll take care of you. Please reply to your confirmation email or at +91-80-4680-9988

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

You may cancel or reschedule upto 12 hours in advance unless noted otherwise in your reservation. Please go to the reservation’s details page and click on reschedule/postpone. We’ll credit your BreathingRoom.co account with the balance.