Getting India ABACUS ready – Edupro Learning in BreathingRoom

Abacus is one of the oldest computing techniques used. It is making a huge comeback all over the world in various curriculums. Last month, Edupro learning and Consultancy experienced BreathingRoom for the first time for one of their trainings at SB Road, Pune. We caught up with Mrs. Kiran Kadam of Edupro and had a chat with her to know about their experience.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I have been in the ABACUS industry since its inception in India. I was the first faculty for the company called UCMAS who bought ABACUS into India. I have worked as franchiser and a coordinator for them. Currently I am the Director of academics & curriculum at Edupro. My role here is to train the faculties, monitor them and see that the faculty can teach all norms.

Can you tell us a bit about Edupro?

Edupro learning is an IT CAE education consultancy. We do Abacus and Vedic mathematics trainings in schools across India. Edupro was founded by me and a long time colleague of mine, Mr. Harwinder Singh Manjh. He is the CEO of the company and we have combined Experience of 22 years in the industry. Now, currently we are working with international range of schools. We have got all their centers in Maharashtra. So we are busy right now taking trainings all across Maharashtra and all other centers pur partners have. We are spread across India. We have our head office in Mumbai.

So this training is for faculties from various schools to learn ABACUS to teach it forward to students?

Yes, I have been permitted by Malaysian counterparts; Who have trained me into ABACUS to impart training to faculties.

We want to do this at a fraction of the cost it takes to get this training in the market. If you see you go and check out the market, companies usually charge 18,000-20,000 for the complete course. Even I paid that when I got the training. We provide training for free so that everybody should be able to learn. The only thing that we take are annual service contracts. If they want to leave us— give us one month notice. Thats it!

Do you have trainers around, or you guys do the training?

We have faculties around. I’m the only trainer & we are looking out for people with good caliber that can be our trainers. For that you need to be trained upto 13 levels and each level is for 3 months. Hence, for a faculty to get trained took anywhere in one & half year. We are picking up faculties form them whom we can train as trainers because I (Mrs. Kiran Kadam) can’t be everywhere.

We understand that you are a startup as well, can you share a few challenges?

We started EduPro learning in 2013, earlier we were Spectrum Educational Technologies. We used to IT education in schools and colleges. The the government passed policy that all schools supposed to do IT & CAE In-house. So, that’s how we stopped doing IT teaching. We are only into ABACUS & Vedic mathematics.

We would love to know how does BreathingRoom help you?

Providing us a good training space, that’s what I can say!

BreathingRoom provided us an excellent training platform to take on our training and the facility is really great. Our feedback is: Excellent space, excellent service & staff. And a suggestion is to have a dustbin in every room.

More about Edupro Learning here. Various faculties, students and support staff are trained in Abacus and other learning aids across India by Edupro learning in BreathingRooms!

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