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Flexible & Affordable. Work whenever, wherever you want.

1 Pass, 4 Cities, 60+ Locations, 1/2 of the Cost

BreathingRoom is bringing entrepreneurs, freelancers, work-from-home professionals the unprecedented FlexiDesk™ monthly pass. With more than 60 locations across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR & Pune, we are giving you the ultimate flexibility you need. No matter where you are, you will always find a BreathingRoom nearby for your working need!

Inspirational & Professional

From professional business centres, to entrepreneurial startup hubs, to artsy studios or mind-stimulating coworking spaces, BreathingRoom has it all.

Affordable Prices

Up to 50% Off monthly plans in central commercial areas. Southern Mumbai, Connaught Place, Residency Road has never been more affordable!

Truly Everywhere

No Kidding. We are everywhere. 300+ locations in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Bangalore. From the most central commercial area to the out-skirt sub-urban area, we have you covered.

FlexiDesk™ Monthly Co-Working/ShareDesk Pass

  • Available Hours
  • Spaces
  • Available Locations
  • Hours Valid Period
  • FREE WiFi, Tea/Coffee
  • Exclusive
  • Bang for the Bucks
  • Flexibility
  • Anytime™ Dedicated Support
  • FlexiDesk Monthly
    • 80 Hours/Mo*
    • HotDesks/ShareDesks
    • All Locations
    • 1 Month
  • FlexiDesk Quarterly
    • 240 Hours/qtr*
    • HotDesks/ShareDesks
    • All Locations
    • 3 Month

*Each hour in monthly plan corresponds to an hour for spaces priced at Rs.79/hr. All Rs. 119/hr spaces count as 1.5 hours usage. Terms of services applies.

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No Hassle Discovery, Booking & Payment

Our beautifully designed mobile app is available on both Android and Apple devices.

  • One swipe to browse pictures and location
  • Two swipes to pick your time slots
  • Three swipes to pay and you are ready to roll!

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