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We share with you the story of Deepa N Swamy, Co-founder of FlexiBees. Deepa shared with us how FlexiBees is all set to make a difference in the lives of qualified stay at home moms, and how Breathing Room has helped her along the way!

The Story of Her Life

Deepa is an MBA from IIM Bangalore, and a Chartered Accountant. She has domain expertise in Strategy, Finance, and New Business Launches. After a decade of experience in leading organizations like PWC, ITC, KPMG and Aptech, she started her own venture, FlexiBees, with two friends, Shreya & Rashmi, from her IIM Bangalore batch.

The Genesis of FlexiBees

When Deepa was forced to quit work post child birth, she saw her own pain and frustration being reflected in many other experienced and qualified women who had to take similar career breaks due to personal circumstance. Once a mother, she found it difficult to transition back to full-time work, not only due to lack of support systems at the right time, but also because of the stereotypical recruitment practices followed by organizations for returning mothers. Not all organizations provide the flexibility required to enable a mother to return to work, while at the same time there are not enough meaningful part time work options for highly qualified women.

So together with two of her friends, she came up with the idea of FlexiBees to “enable women to get back to work – at their pace & space”. The three women cofounders each have a cumulative experience of 10+ years across Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Strategy, Finance, New Business Launches, Consumer Insights & Management Consulting.

How FlexiBees is doing things differently

FlexiBees (www.flexibees.com) is an organization with the vision to re-employ qualified and experienced women professionals across all areas of expertise, for whom part-time/work-from-home works better as a life choice. It deploys these women professionals as flexible part-time teams that help organizations achieve their business goals in a more productive and lean manner.

Some of the successful projects executed by FlexiBees are (a) setting up the sales strategy for an online travel start-up and deploying an experienced sales team to execute it (b) providing a Finance & Accounting team for a food delivery start-up – completely integrated into the day to day functioning of the client even 6 months post launch (c) delivering multi-tier assessments for a project aimed at providing an integrated learning experience to students, for a 30 year old listed company in the Training & Content space. FlexiBees has honed and tested its methodologies across these and more projects over the past few months. All of these teams have comprised women professionals working part-time and via remote systems.

Her BreathingRoom experience

Deepa stepped into Breathingroom to do her freelance assignments in the spare time that she had between the time she dropped her child at school and picked her back 🙂 After their start-up was born, she continued to use the space for her venture work, making calls, and even conducting remote trainings for their teams!

What she loved about Us!

  • Highly flexible payment model
  • Well-equipped professional spaces with access to internet and office infrastructure
  • Flexible Hourly pricing

It also gave her a sense of “entitlement” since she was paying for the space, compared to “free” options like coffee shops – where she tends to feel obliged when using a space for a long time 🙂

Creating Work-Life Balance

Being a mother is a joy but also a full time job. Unless that job is “shared” by others, there is no way a mom can do justice to her other talents.

In Deepa’s case, ever since her mother passed away, the support lent by her husband, brother & father has helped her give dedicated chunks of time needed for her work. She & her husband have spent a lot of attention, time and money to set up the required household support with backups to enable her to work. Finally, her own cofounders Shreya & Rashmi have been empathetic and supportive throughout her balancing act while working.

“It is a communal, and not a solitary journey to enable one mother to work.

Despite everything, it is a dynamic balance 🙂 On some days the balance is 50:50, some days 70:30, and on some days you simply cannot push your luck :)”

How husbands can help share the load

Deepa’s husband, Srinath shares an equal conviction and belief in her business vision. That in itself is a huge source of support in addition to his accommodating her various schedules around her work life. He has absorbed a lot of the bandwidth around childcare and aspects of household management. There are also sacrifices in terms of time available for family activities – that are reduced because there is another child demanding that time – the business 🙂

BreathingRoom – Great Option for Women Entrepreneurs

She believes that Breathingroom is a brilliant choice for those who work on their own terms. It provides a clean, professional working space that helps create a “mental space” to work – which moms find it difficult to recreate in the home environment amidst so many responsibilities and distractions. Breathingroom also provides a vibrant environment where you can meet smart & passionate people across a gamut of fields.

She believes remote working is going to be the route of choice for working professionals with technology being a key enabler. Breathingroom is sure to service this segment of professionals increasingly as remote working becomes more acceptable.

FlexiBees is all set to revolutionize the way organizations run their businesses: through zero slack, talented, nimble teams, they are able to cut cost while focusing on their core work-streams.

Equally they want to change the perception of part-time and remote working arrangements, from being looked askance at to being sought after for their high-productivity.

Most importantly, they want to enable women disadvantaged by circumstance to hone their skills and build their resumes while also giving their families quality time. To be able to hold their heads with pride at experiencing a form of motherhood that’s the start of a beautiful journey, not the end of a career.

Monetization model of FlexiBees

FlexiBees has a robust monetization model by design: they charge for what they bring to the businesses. They release businesses of the need to recruit, train, monitor & evaluate talent for jobs that are not core to their product. Additionally, they lend their expertise in sales, marketing, digital marketing, IT, finance, operations, learning content, assessments etc. to create strategies and set-up systems that allow them to focus on core product development and consumer acquisition. In some cases they take on the entire job end-to-end, in an area that they have expertise in, and as a result relieve their clients of the need to scout, hire, manage and review talent and output in their areas of non-expertise. Their consultancy charges are bundled together with the provision of talent.

If you are a mother looking for meaningful part time work opportunities, please register yourself at www.flexibees.com

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