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In the last week of January this year, when the senior leadership team at DataWeave needed a place for a strategy offsite, they turned towards BreathingRoom. We sat down with Sumanth Suri to learn a little more about Dataweave and what they thought of BreathingRoom.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself — your professional & educational experience?

I’ve worked for over 10 years, across analytics, portfolio & product management, sales, and marketing. I started at Standard Chartered Bank before B-school and then heading product teams for Citibank after. Recently, the startup itch has caught up & I joined Dataweave to head their Sales & Marketing teams. I got my undergrad degree from CaseWestern Reserve University, and MBA from the ISB, Hyderabad.

Can you tell me a little bit about DataWeave?

DataWeave, with a team of about 25, aims to collect, collate and make sense of the data available on the web to inform and support business decisions.
Our crawlers incessantly peruse the web for data which is then scrutinised and made available in both human friendly charts and graphics;  as well as machine readable interfaces. For example, here are some interesting graphics depicting various things ranging from discounts given by e-bookstores to how much movie characters are discussed.

Tell us about your experience with BreathingRoom  — what did you use it for, and how did you find it useful compared to your other options?

I read about Breathing Room just when I was going to organise a brainstorming session for our team. Our office is packed to the gills so we needed just a few of us to get away to think about our quarterly strategy. This worked beautifully — a PremiumSpace 10 minutes away from the DataWeave office at “A Pet Friendly Startup” was really convenient and much more pocket-friendly (we’re still a startup!) than going to an expensive 5-star (the other option).
We could go to the office to take care of emails in the morning, and then head to the space on both days that we used BreathingRoom. The space owner, a tech startup entrepreneur himself (so wi-fi was fast!), went over & above when he realised that we’re going to be there for a long time, also getting some chocolates for us to nibble on.
You’ll need to get a loyalty program going and would love if you’ll can get similar BreathingRooms in Singapore & Jakarta too!

If you have any non-traditional work environment tips — either for remote working or young startups or work-from-home — we would love to share that with our readers.

For senior leadership teams, I’ll say this: a few hours away from the operational distractions of the office can do a world of good for your team’s goals.

More about DataWeave at and follow them on twitter @dataweavein!

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