For a few months now, the sales teams of a superb Indian Craft Beer brand have been using BreathingRoom in Pune while their office is being set up. We had a little chat with Vijaydeep Nadkarni – the City CEO for Pune – about Bira91, craft beer and their experience at BreathingRoom.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself — your professional & educational experience?

I started out developing embedded multimedia apps for in-flight entertainment; later on I helped Kaati Zone, a fast food chain to expand into different cities and manage their online presence as the brand grew. Now I’m Bria91’s city CEO for Pune.

I have a BS in Computer Engineering from the The University of Texas at Austin, and more recently an MBA from IIM-Bangalore.

We noticed the exciting news about Sequoia backing Bira91’s Series A. Can you tell us a little bit about Bira91?

B9 Beverages is a start up with the mission to bring a craft beer revolution in India. Based out of New Delhi, everyone at B9 cares deeply about one thing, and one thing only – creating and making beers that people can fall in love with.

We are handcrafting a revolution, one barrel at a time, and recruiting revolutionaries, one drinker at a time! And, this begins with careful selection of worlds best ingredients: malts from France & Belgium, hops from the lost & unknown Himalayas and from traditional Bavarian farms, and water from the world’s most protected sources – all combined with the passion and skill of our brewer to bring you the worlds finest beer!

Tell us about your experience with BreathingRoom  — what did you use it for, and how did you find it useful compared to your other options?

We’re still in the process of setting up an office here in Pune and needed a place to meet and work while that was happening.
I found out about BreathingRoom through some friends in our IIM-B network, they had praised you’ll both for the spaces you’d managed to find as well as your dedication to your customers. And I must say, BreathingRoom lived up to it. The spaces we used in & around the Koregaon Park area were great – clean, peaceful and professional. To top it off – my hostess served me green tea when she found out I tend to avoid the caffeine rich chai and coffee which is promised at the venue.

If you have any non-traditional work environment tips — either for remote working or young startups or work-from-home — we would love to share that with our readers.

All teams should spend a few hours every week – maybe every Friday evening – chatting over a few pints. Given the fast paced and competitive nature of most work today, too few people have time to form any bonds beyond the short email or IM. The importance of a team which hangs out together for fun cannot be understated.

More about Bira91 and the Indian craft beer revolution at and follow them at

Visit the BreathingRoom they used:

Boardroom in Koregaon Park
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