A Woman Entrepreneur’s (literal) Survival Guide

Tazer. Check. Pepper spray. Check.  Safety app. Downloaded. This isn’t an uncommon checklist for a woman. Unpleasant news across the nation pushes us to take the necessary precautions. But do we really need to take these precautions?  Well, not in a perfect world.

Welcome to Mars

Imagine, landing in an unknown city for a meeting. You step out of the airport in the blazing sun, while you’re busy squinting to keep the sun from hitting your eyes, you’re surrounded by annoying taxi drivers. You really cannot spot the honest one, you don’t know who might cheat you, you don’t know the language, you don’t know the city. After much thought and after much display of semi stalker behavior by the cab drivers, you choose one. He doesn’t know you’re from this planet, he thinks he can fool you. You have your Google maps on and my god, is he taking the wrong route. You try to put up a fight, but hey, this isn’t your city at the end of the day .

After that bitter experience you walk into that renowned café, but you notice something isn’t right. It’s not like the one you visited back home. You set up your laptop to get some work done, but you feel many pairs of eyes on you. You can hear families speak in a foreign tongue, a bit too loud to your liking. It’s almost as if you want to pack your belongings and get out of there.

Unfortunately we’re on business.  Unfortunately we have to put up with this on a regular basis. Unfortunately business travel can be taxing.

The dangers

As a founder of Wizdumb with over 50 clients all over India, I have to go through this more often than not. Would I like to avoid this hassle? Without a doubt.  I take my work as seriously as any other entrepreneur would, sometimes I’d love to avoid the daily bother that comes with travel.

As a woman entrepreneur in the 21st century there are a world of possibilities for us. We are as competent as anyone else to travel alone. Some might think it’s absolutely terrifying to step into a city where you know no one let alone the roads. There are various possibilities of getting robbed, harassed, you don’t need me to say it. BUT, there is also a possibility that none of it might happen. That said, it’s always better to find a safe haven.

Create your safe haven

What is that safe haven? Thanks to smartphones and internet, technology these days are definitely more useful than pepper spray. Taxi Apps such as OLA, Uber & Taxi For Sure are incredibly great tools to get you from point A to B safely, unlike getting on an auto or cab of an unknown driver randomly on the street, drivers on Taxi Apps are background checked and identified in their databases. The trip is also tracked by GPS and Uber now even has an “update my status” function that I can quickly send my ride information including driver name and license plate number to my friend. Our everyday messaging App  – Whatsapp – can also be used for sharing your exact location with some friends & family easily.  When it comes to finding a clean, quiet place to work, where I can collect my thoughts and go through my presentations in peace, I found this new App called BreathingRoom tremendously  helpful. If you happen to be in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi, you can just pull out their App, find a nice workspace that’s close to you, book it for a few hours and you are sorted. I used their art gallery in Mumbai once and it was a surprisingly great (and new) experience. These folks care a great deal about me getting taken care of properly before and after my booking.

It must be agreed upon that we are offered many services to make our travel experiences easier. Be it cabs or workspace. These little amenities add to our joy and relief.  It feels good to know, that these are indications that life is only getting easier and better.

More about Apps mentioned:

Ola Cabs: https://www.olacabs.com/

Taxi For Sure: http://www.taxiforsure.com/

Uber: http://www.uber.com

BreathingRoom: http://breathingroom.co

BreathingRoom App: http://bit.ly/getBrApp 

About the Author:

Ramma Pande


Online Media Advertising Guru,


Co-Founder, Wizdumb.in

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