A 30-seconds test to reclaim lost time

Our team gathered the collective wisdom from Business Executives, Engineers, Inspired Writers, Graphic Designers, Lawyers, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and a whole lot of our users to compile this short test. Designed by professionals, for professionals, 30 seconds of test might save you hours of wasted productivity & opportunities. Are you Ready? Now START!

This test is your Holy Grail to get work done

1) Are you self-employed?

  • YES (go to 2)
  • NO (go to 3)

2) Do you need to be creative? Or mechanical?

  • Yes, I’m the tomorrow-land artist.  (go to 4)
  • No, I’m just making sure the flowers are watered. (go to 5) 

3) How many times do you travel in a month ?

  • At least Once (go to 6)
  • Less than Once (go to 7)

4) Do you get brain-stuck sometimes?

  • Yeeeaaa and I hate it when my brain is blank. (answer A)
  • Nope, I got so many ideas that I have idea-food-coma (go to 8)

5) Is your TV or bed a huge distraction if you work from home?

  • Yes, totally. (answer C)
  • No, I totally fuel on watching TV and sleeping … not a distraction at all (answer B)

6) So you love the dust, the traffic, the noise, the heat on the indian street?

  • No! Are you kidding? (go to 9)
  • O Yea. (answer D)

7) Do you need to work out of office sometimes to meet with clients/business partners or just anyone for work reason?

  • Yes, I don’t travel out of town, but I do work out of office. (go to 6)
  • No, I don’t do any external facing work. (go to 11)

8) Do you crave for turning ideas into something that changes the world? (or at least make a few extra bucks for a vacation)

  • Yes! (answer E)
  • No, no news is good news, no change is the best change. (answer B)

9) Where do you usually try to get work done when you are on the road or meeting with clients?

  • Find a coffee shop or tea house. (go to 10)
  • Book an expensive business lounge with comfort, fast Wifi and free coffee. (go to 12)

10) Do you enjoy eavesdropping on ladies gossips or the crazy guy at the next table yelling to the phone?

  • Yes, hearing other people’s gossip is my hobby (answer B)
  • Nope, I’m really serious about getting my work done …. (answer C)

11) Do you want your team to be more productive, more creative and deliver more?

  • Of course! (answer G)
  • No, my boss (or I) enjoy our business staying stagnant and stalling. (answer B)

12) Do you generally like to pay less for something that you are buying?

  • Yes, why not? (answer F)
  • No. I have too much money that I’m afraid my bank is going to run out of space. (answer B)
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